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20 christian movies you must watch

20+ Christian Movies You Must Watch

In recent years, the landscape of Christian cinema has undergone a remarkable transformation, blossoming into a vibrant and diverse genre that transcends traditional boundaries. This evolution has seen Christian movies grow from niche, often overlooked productions to compelling narratives that capture the imagination of audiences worldwide. Today, these films span a broad spectrum, from powerful biblical epics that bring ancient stories to life, to heartwarming modern-day tales that explore themes of faith, hope, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Christian movies have not only increased in number but also in the depth and quality of storytelling, reflecting a wide array of experiences and perspectives within the Christian faith. These films offer something unique: a chance to see life through a lens of spiritual reflection, providing viewers with opportunities for personal growth and inspiration. Whether it’s the retelling of the life of Jesus Christ, the dramatic stories of biblical heroes, or contemporary narratives about overcoming adversity through faith, Christian cinema invites audiences into a world where faith leads the way.

The impact of Christian movies extends far beyond mere entertainment. They serve as cultural touchstones that provoke thought, inspire courage, and foster a deeper understanding of the Christian journey. Through their stories, viewers are reminded of the power of faith to guide us through darkness, the importance of forgiveness and redemption, and the unbreakable strength found in community and belief. As we delve into the vast array of Christian movies available today, we find not just stories well told, but lives profoundly touched by the grace and love at the heart of the Christian message.

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Why Christian Movies Matter

why christian movies matter

Christian movies play a pivotal role in today’s entertainment landscape, offering more than just an opportunity for escapism. These films stand as beacons of light in a sea of content, providing audiences with narratives that not only entertain but also uplift, inspire, and provoke thought. The importance of Christian movies lies in their unique ability to weave stories that resonate deeply with viewers, promoting values of faith, hope, and moral integrity.

A Source of Inspiration and Hope

In times of uncertainty and struggle, Christian movies offer a source of hope and inspiration. By presenting stories of overcoming adversity through faith, these films encourage viewers to persevere through their challenges. They remind us that, even in our darkest hours, there is light to be found—a message that is ever more pertinent in today’s world. Christian movies often portray characters who, despite facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, find strength and resolution through their faith. This portrayal not only provides viewers with a sense of hope but also inspires them to reflect on their paths and the power of maintaining faith in tough times.

Promoting Faith and Spiritual Growth

Christian movies play a crucial role in promoting and nurturing faith. For believers, these films reinforce their beliefs and values, providing spiritual nourishment and a deeper connection to their faith. For others, they offer insights into Christian teachings and principles, potentially sparking curiosity and spiritual exploration. Through compelling storytelling, Christian movies can serve as a bridge to understanding and dialogue, inviting viewers of all backgrounds to explore the tenets of Christianity and the impact of faith on individuals’ lives.

Upholding Moral Integrity

In an era where moral ambiguity often prevails in mainstream media, Christian movies stand out by upholding values of integrity, kindness, and compassion. These films offer narratives where good triumphs over evil, where characters strive to do the right thing, even when faced with difficult choices. By doing so, Christian movies provide a moral compass, reminding viewers of the importance of living a life anchored in values and ethics. This focus on moral integrity not only entertains but also educates and guides, particularly for younger audiences seeking role models and examples of virtuous living.

Fostering Community and Belonging

Christian movies often emphasize the importance of community, family, and belonging—themes that resonate with viewers across the globe. These films showcase how faith can bring people together, healing divisions and fostering a sense of unity. By highlighting the power of community support and love, Christian movies reinforce the message that we are stronger together, especially when guided by shared values and beliefs.

In conclusion, Christian movies matter because they offer more than just entertainment; they provide valuable life lessons, promote spiritual reflection, and reinforce the principles of faith, hope, and moral integrity. Through their diverse narratives, from biblical epics to contemporary dramas, Christian movies invite viewers to explore deeper meanings in life, encouraging a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

20+ Christian Movies You Must Watch

Dive into a curated selection of must-watch Christian movies that captivate and inspire. From timeless biblical epics to heartwarming tales of faith and resilience, these films offer powerful messages of hope, courage, and redemption that resonate with viewers of all ages. Explore the transformative power of faith through cinema.

Biblical Epics and Stories

1. Passion of the Christ


The Passion of the Christ (2004) stands as a cornerstone in the genre of Christian movies, offering a raw and powerful portrayal of the final hours of Jesus Christ’s life. Directed by Mel Gibson, this film dives deep into the heart of sacrifice, redemption, and love, capturing the essence of Christ’s passion with intense detail and emotional depth. Its impact on audiences around the world is profound, making it a must-watch for those seeking a deeply moving Christian cinematic experience.

  • Director: Mel Gibson
  • Starring: Jim Caviezel as Jesus Christ
  • Music by: John Debney
  • Cinematography: Caleb Deschanel

2. Joseph (1995)


Joseph (1995) is a captivating Christian movie that brings to life the biblical tale of Joseph, whose journey from slavery to becoming the powerful governor of Egypt is a testament to faith, perseverance, and divine guidance. This film beautifully captures the essence of Joseph’s incredible trials and triumphs, making it an inspirational watch for audiences seeking stories of faith and resilience in Christian cinema.

  • Director: Roger Young
  • Starring: Ben Kingsley as Potiphar, Paul Mercurio as Joseph
  • Music by: Marco Frisina
  • Cinematography: Raffaele Mertes

3. Moses (1995)


Moses (1995) is a landmark Christian movie that chronicles the epic life story of Moses, from his miraculous survival as a baby to his role in leading the Exodus and delivering the Ten Commandments. This film masterfully depicts the challenges and triumphs Moses faced, bringing to life one of the Bible’s most significant figures. It’s a profound exploration of faith, leadership, and God’s power, making it essential viewing for those interested in Christian and biblical stories.

  • Director: Roger Young
  • Starring: Ben Kingsley as Moses
  • Music by: Marco Frisina
  • Cinematography: Raffaele Mertes

4. David (1997)


David (1997) is a compelling Christian movie that tells the story of King David’s remarkable journey from a humble shepherd boy to the revered king of Israel. This film captures the essence of David’s complex character, his profound faith, and his legendary battles, both physical and spiritual. Through its rich narrative, “David” explores themes of courage, repentance, and divine providence, making it a standout addition to the canon of Christian cinema.

  • Director: Robert Markowitz
  • Starring: Nathaniel Parker as David
  • Music by: Carlo Siliotto
  • Cinematography: Raffaele Mertes

5. Abraham (1993)


Abraham (1993) is a profound Christian movie that delves into the journey of faith undertaken by Abraham, the patriarch whose unwavering trust in God led to the establishment of Israel. This film beautifully captures the essence of Abraham’s commitment, his trials, and the covenant with God that shaped the birth of a nation. It’s a story of faithfulness, sacrifice, and divine promise, offering an inspiring look at one of the Bible’s most significant figures.

  • Director: Joseph Sargent
  • Starring: Richard Harris as Abraham
  • Music by: Marco Frisina
  • Cinematography: Raffaele Mertes

6. The Ten Commandments (1956)


“The Ten Commandments” (1956) stands as an iconic Christian movie, a cinematic masterpiece that dramatizes the biblical story of Moses, from his discovery as an infant by the Nile to his divine mission to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, this epic film is renowned for its grandeur, powerful performances, and stunning visual effects, making it a timeless classic that continues to inspire audiences with its message of faith, freedom, and morality.

  • Director: Cecil B. DeMille
  • Starring: Charlton Heston as Moses, Yul Brynner as Rameses
  • Music by: Elmer Bernstein
  • Cinematography: Loyal Griggs

7. The Gospel of John (2003)

The Gospel of John (2003) is a meticulously crafted Christian movie that vividly brings to life the teachings, miracles, and passion of Jesus Christ as recounted in the fourth Gospel. This film stands out for its dedication to scriptural accuracy, using the Gospel of John as its script, offering viewers an immersive experience into the life and ministry of Jesus. It’s a profound exploration of faith, love, and salvation, providing a unique cinematic journey through one of the New Testament’s most beloved narratives.

  • Director: Philip Saville
  • Starring: Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus
  • Music by: Jeff Danna
  • Cinematography: Miroslaw Baszak

8. Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)


Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018) is a compelling Christian movie that chronicles the transformative journey of Paul from a fervent persecutor of Christians to one of Jesus Christ’s most pivotal apostles. Set against the backdrop of his final days under the watchful eye of Rome, the film delves into themes of grace, redemption, and the power of faith. With a focus on Paul’s legacy and the letters he wrote from prison, this movie offers a profound look at the endurance of faith amidst persecution.

  • Director: Andrew Hyatt
  • Starring: James Faulkner as Paul, Jim Caviezel as Luke
  • Music by: Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
  • Cinematography: Gerardo Mateo Madrazo

Modern Faith-Based Dramas

9. War Room (2015)


War Room (2015) is a powerful Christian movie that explores the transformative power of prayer within the dynamics of a struggling family. Through the story of Elizabeth and her family, the film illustrates how dedicating a space for prayer—your own “war room”—can bring about dramatic shifts in personal faith, family relationships, and life’s battles. Directed by Alex Kendrick and featuring compelling performances, “War Room” encourages viewers to reflect on their approach to prayer and its potential to effect real change in their lives.

  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Starring: Priscilla Shirer as Elizabeth Jordan
  • Music by: Paul Mills
  • Cinematography: Bob M. Scott

10. Fireproof (2008)


Fireproof (2008) is one of the deeply moving Christian movies that tells the story of a firefighter who turns to faith as a last resort to save his faltering marriage. Through a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, the film beautifully illustrates the power of commitment, love, and God’s guidance in overcoming life’s challenges. Directed by Alex Kendrick and featuring a compelling narrative, “Fireproof” is a testament to the strength of faith in restoring relationships and igniting a deeper connection with what truly matters.

  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Starring: Kirk Cameron as Caleb Holt
  • Music by: Mark Willard
  • Cinematography: Bob Scott

11. Miracles from Heaven (2016)


Miracles from Heaven (2016) is an uplifting part of all the Christian movies based on the true story of a young girl’s astonishing recovery from a rare and incurable disease. This film explores themes of faith, hope, and the incredible power of miracles in our everyday lives. Through its emotional depth and inspiring narrative, “Miracles from Heaven” invites viewers to witness the strength of a family’s love and their unyielding faith in the face of adversity. It’s a heartwarming testament to the unexpected ways God works in our lives.

  • Director: Patricia Riggen
  • Starring: Jennifer Garner as Christy Beam
  • Music by: Carlo Siliotto
  • Cinematography: Checco Varese

12. Hacksaw Ridge (2016)


Hacksaw Ridge (2016) is a compelling Christian movie that recounts the heroic true story of Desmond Doss, a World War II medic who saved 75 men in the Battle of Okinawa without wielding a weapon. Upholding his strong Christian faith and moral convictions against violence, Doss’s courage and selflessness under fire embody the profound impact of faith in action. Directed by Mel Gibson, this film delivers a powerful message about conviction, bravery, and the extraordinary feats possible through faith and determination.

  • Director: Mel Gibson
  • Starring: Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss
  • Music by: Rupert Gregson-Williams
  • Cinematography: Simon Duggan

13. The Shack (2017)


The Shack (2017) is a thought-provoking Christian movie that delves into the depths of grief and the path to healing through an extraordinary encounter with God. Following the devastating loss of his daughter, a grieving father receives a mysterious invitation that leads him to a remote shack, where he meets manifestations of the Trinity. This transformative experience challenges his understanding of tragedy, forgiveness, and love. Directed by Stuart Hazeldine and based on the bestselling novel, “The Shack” invites viewers to explore profound spiritual themes and the nature of God’s presence in our lives.

  • Director: Stuart Hazeldine
  • Starring: Sam Worthington as Mack Phillips, Octavia Spencer as Papa
  • Music by: Aaron Zigman
  • Cinematography: Declan Quinn

14. The Case for Christ (2017)


The Case for Christ (2017) is a riveting addition to Christian movies, chronicling the real-life journey of Lee Strobel, an award-winning investigative journalist and avowed atheist, who embarks on a quest to disprove the existence of God after his wife’s sudden conversion. This intellectual and spiritual odyssey against the backdrop of rigorous investigation and evidence leads to unexpected findings, challenging Strobel’s skepticism and ultimately changing his life. Directed by Jon Gunn, this film masterfully portrays the conflict between doubt and belief, inviting viewers to witness the transformative power of evidence and faith.

  • Director: Jon Gunn
  • Starring: Mike Vogel as Lee Strobel
  • Music by: Will Musser
  • Cinematography: Brian Shanley

15. Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018)


Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018) is a powerful continuation in the realm of Christian movies, detailing the true and inspiring post-war journey of Louis Zamperini. After surviving a harrowing WWII experience, Zamperini faces his toughest battle yet—returning home and dealing with his inner demons. This film beautifully captures his struggle with faith, forgiveness, and redemption, showcasing how Zamperini’s unwavering spirit leads him to embrace Christianity and change his life forever. Directed by Harold Cronk, this story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of faith.

  • Director: Harold Cronk
  • Starring: Samuel Hunt as Louis Zamperini
  • Music by: Brandon Roberts
  • Cinematography: Zoran Popovic

Stories of Inspiration and Overcoming

16. I Can Only Imagine


I Can Only Imagine (2018) is a heartwarming addition to Christian movies that tells the true story behind MercyMe’s hit song of the same name. This film delves into the life of Bart Millard, lead singer of MercyMe, and explores his troubled relationship with his father, whose transformation from abuse to faith ultimately inspires the song that would bring hope to millions. Directed by the Erwin Brothers, “I Can Only Imagine” is a moving portrayal of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of divine inspiration in the creative process.

  • Directors: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
  • Starring: J. Michael Finley as Bart Millard
  • Music by: Brent McCorkle
  • Cinematography: Kristopher Kimlin

17. Facing the Giants (2006)


Facing the Giants (2006) is a motivational addition to Christian movies, portraying the life of a high school football coach who turns to faith to conquer personal and professional challenges. This story of underdogs facing insurmountable odds is not just about football; it’s a larger narrative on how faith can inspire one to face fear and failure with newfound strength. Directed by Alex Kendrick, who also stars, this film resonates with anyone seeking encouragement to tackle their giants, making it a beloved classic in Christian cinema.

  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Starring: Alex Kendrick as Grant Taylor
  • Music by: Mark Willard
  • Cinematography: Bob Scott

18. The Blind Side (2009)


The Blind Side (2009) emerges as a standout amongst Christian movies, telling the heartwarming true story of Michael Oher, a homeless teenager who becomes an All-American football player with the love and support of a caring family. This film not only explores themes of compassion, family, and faith but also tackles issues of race and class with sensitivity and insight. “The Blind Side” is a testament to the impact of kindness, faith, and determination, making it a deeply moving and inspirational watch.

  • Director: John Lee Hancock
  • Starring: Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy, Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher
  • Music by: Carter Burwell
  • Cinematography: Alar Kivilo

Faith in Action

19. God’s Not Dead (2014)


God’s Not Dead (2014) is one of the dynamic Christian movies that captures the intellectual and spiritual showdown between a devout college student and his atheist philosophy professor. This film dives deep into the themes of faith, doubt, and the quest for truth, challenging viewers to consider the evidence for God’s existence in an academic setting. It’s a compelling narrative that encourages believers to stand firm in their convictions and articulates the arguments for faith in a skeptical world.

  • Director: Harold Cronk
  • Starring: Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton, Kevin Sorbo as Professor Radisson
  • Music by: Will Musser
  • Cinematography: Brian Shanley

20. Courageous (2011)


Courageous (2011) stands out in the genre of Christian movies as a compelling narrative about four police officers who confront their fears and failures as fathers and embark on a journey to strengthen their faith and family lives. This film thoughtfully explores themes of responsibility, integrity, and the challenges of parenthood, urging viewers to reflect on their commitments to their loved ones. With a mix of action, drama, and heart, “Courageous” delivers a powerful message on the importance of faith in guiding the principles of fatherhood and leadership.

  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Starring: Alex Kendrick as Adam Mitchell, Ken Bevel as Nathan Hayes
  • Music by: Mark Willard
  • Cinematography: Bob Scott

21. Heaven Is for Real (2014)


Heaven Is for Real (2014) is a touching addition to Christian movies, based on the true story of a young boy who claims to have visited heaven during a near-death experience. This film delves into the challenges and revelations faced by his small-town family as they come to terms with the boy’s extraordinary claims. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of faith, skepticism, and the mysteries of the afterlife, prompting viewers to contemplate the possibilities of heaven and the impact of such experiences on earthly lives.

  • Director: Randall Wallace
  • Starring: Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo, Connor Corum as Colton Burpo
  • Music by: Nick Glennie-Smith
  • Cinematography: Dean Semler

22. Breakthrough (2019)


Breakthrough (2019) is a profound and uplifting entry in the realm of Christian movies, telling the true story of a teenager who miraculously recovers after falling through ice and being submerged for 15 minutes. The film captures the unwavering faith of a mother praying for her son’s survival against all odds and the community that rallies around them. It’s a powerful testament to the strength of prayer, hope, and the human spirit, showcasing the miraculous possibilities when faith is put into action.

  • Director: Roxann Dawson
  • Starring: Chrissy Metz as Joyce Smith, Josh Lucas as Brian Smith
  • Music by: Marcelo Zarvos
  • Cinematography: Zoran Popovic


christian movies conclusion

Christian movies serve as a vital conduit for hope, faith, and inspiration, utilizing the power of storytelling to touch hearts and provoke thought. In a world often overwhelmed by negativity and despair, these films offer a beacon of light, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of belief. From historical epics depicting the lives of biblical figures to contemporary tales of redemption and courage, Christian movies provide a wide array of narratives that resonate with audiences across the globe. They bring to life the teachings of Christianity, illustrating the impact of faith in action and the miracles that can arise from trust and perseverance.

These films stand as testament to the enduring strength of faith, encouraging viewers to reflect on their beliefs and the role of divine grace in their lives. The stories depicted in Christian movies are not just tales of the past; they are reflections of everyday struggles, offering guidance, comfort, and encouragement to those seeking a deeper connection with their faith. By portraying characters who overcome adversity through their belief in God, these movies inspire viewers to navigate their challenges with faith and hope.

We encourage readers to explore the diverse selection of Christian movies highlighted in this list. Each film, with its unique perspective on faith, offers an opportunity to witness the profound effects of spirituality on the human condition. Whether you are drawn to the dramatic retellings of biblical stories or inspired by modern-day accounts of faith under fire, these movies promise to enrich your spiritual journey, offering insight, encouragement, and a renewed sense of purpose. Let these films remind you of the beauty of faith, the power of prayer, and the endless possibilities that come with trusting in a higher power.

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