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the 10 best christian animated movies

The 10 Best Christian Animated Movies

n recent years, the realm of Christian animated movies has blossomed into a vibrant tapestry of storytelling that skillfully merges the realms of entertainment and education. This burgeoning genre has become a cornerstone for families seeking content that is not only enjoyable but also imbued with spiritual depth and moral teachings. The unique charm of animation, with its limitless creative possibilities, has proven to be an extraordinary medium for bringing the timeless stories and values of Christianity to life, captivating the hearts and minds of viewers across all age groups.

Christian animated movies stand out for their ability to distill complex biblical narratives and principles into formats that are both accessible and profoundly engaging. Through a blend of stunning visuals, memorable characters, and heartfelt storytelling, these films open up new avenues for audiences to explore the rich traditions and teachings of the Christian faith. They serve as bridges, connecting viewers to the spiritual and moral lessons at the heart of Christianity, in a manner that is not just digestible but also deeply resonant.

The appeal of Christian animated movies lies in their universal accessibility. Whether it’s a child encountering the story of Noah’s Ark for the first time or an adult re-experiencing the teachings of Jesus Christ through a new lens, these movies have the unique ability to reach viewers wherever they are on their spiritual journey. As this genre continues to grow, it promises to further enrich the landscape of faith-based entertainment, ensuring that the teachings of Christianity remain not only relevant but also a source of joy and inspiration for generations to come.

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The 10 Best Christian Animated Movies

1. The Prince of Egypt


The Prince of Egypt (1998) stands as a monumental achievement in Christian animated movies, offering an epic portrayal of Moses’ transformative journey from Egyptian prince to the prophet who would lead his people to freedom. This visually stunning film combines a powerful narrative with an unforgettable soundtrack, bringing to life one of the most significant stories of faith and perseverance.

  • Directors: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells
  • Key Voice Actors: Val Kilmer (Moses), Ralph Fiennes (Rameses), Michelle Pfeiffer (Tzipporah), Sandra Bullock (Miriam)

2. Joseph: King of Dreams


Joseph: King of Dreams (2000) is a cherished addition to Christian animated movies, portraying the uplifting tale of Joseph, whose journey from slavery to becoming the governor of Egypt is a testament to his unwavering faith and integrity. This film, a precursor to “The Prince of Egypt,” captures the essence of perseverance and divine guidance, making it a powerful story of hope and redemption.

  • Directors: Rob LaDuca, Robert C. Ramirez
  • Key Voice Actors: Ben Affleck (Joseph), Mark Hamill (Judah), Jodi Benson (Asenath)

3. The Star


The Star (2017) offers a fresh and delightful perspective on the Nativity story, making it a standout among Christian animated movies. This charming film tells the tale of the first Christmas through the eyes of the animals who witnessed it, bringing a new level of warmth and humor to the beloved story. Its unique approach and engaging storytelling captivate audiences of all ages, celebrating the spirit of Christmas in an unforgettable way.

  • Director: Timothy Reckart
  • Key Voice Actors: Steven Yeun (Bo the Donkey), Gina Rodriguez (Mary), Zachary Levi (Joseph)

4. The Miracle Maker


The Miracle Maker (2000) is a beautifully crafted addition to Christian animated movies that vividly brings the story of Jesus Christ to life. Through a combination of stunning claymation and traditional animation, this film offers a poignant and accessible portrayal of Jesus’ teachings, miracles, and ultimate sacrifice. Its artful storytelling and memorable performances provide a deeply moving experience for viewers of all ages.

  • Directors: Derek W. Hayes, Stanislav Sokolov
  • Key Voice Actors: Ralph Fiennes (Jesus), Julie Christie (Rachel), Richard E. Grant (John the Baptist)

5. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie


Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (2002) is a vibrant and musical entry in the genre of Christian animated movies, offering a fun-filled retelling of the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. With its trademark humor and catchy songs, this VeggieTales adventure delivers a timeless message of mercy and compassion that resonates with both children and adults. It’s a delightful reminder of the importance of second chances and listening to God’s call.

  • Directors: Mike Nawrocki, Phil Vischer
  • Key Voice Actors: Phil Vischer (Jonah/Bob the Tomato), Mike Nawrocki (Larry the Cucumber), Tim Hodge (Khalil)

6. The Legend of the Three Trees


The Legend of the Three Trees (2001) is a heartwarming addition to Christian animated movies that narrates the tale of three trees dreaming of greatness, only to find their true purpose in pivotal moments of Jesus’ life. This poignant story, rich in metaphor and meaning, beautifully illustrates how God’s plans are often beyond our wildest dreams, teaching lessons of faith and divine purpose.

  • Directors: Not specifically credited
  • Key Voice Talents: Not specifically credited; this film is known for its narrative-driven approach rather than celebrity voice actors, focusing on the timeless message it delivers.

7. Young Abraham


Young Abraham (2011) enriches the collection of Christian animated movies by delving into the early years of Abraham, a foundational figure in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions. This film highlights Abraham’s remarkable journey of faith and obedience, setting the stage for his role as a patriarch. Through engaging storytelling and vivid animation, viewers are invited to explore the trials and triumphs that shaped Abraham into a symbol of unwavering faith.

  • Director: Not specifically credited
  • Key Voice Talents: Focuses on delivering a scripturally inspired portrayal, emphasizing the narrative of faith and dedication.

8. Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen


VeggieTales: Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen (2000) stands out among Christian animated movies for its unique blend of humor, heart, and biblical storytelling. The VeggieTales crew masterfully brings the story of Queen Esther to life, showcasing her courage and faith in a way that’s accessible and entertaining for children. This delightful film not only teaches valuable lessons about bravery and standing up for what’s right but does so in a way that’s both fun and memorable.

  • Directors: Mike Nawrocki
  • Key Voice Actors: Phil Vischer (King Xerxes), Mike Nawrocki (Esther), Lisa Vischer (Queen Vashti)

9. Dave and the Giant Pickle


Dave and the Giant Pickle (1996) is a cherished classic in the world of Christian animated movies, offering a VeggieTales twist on the biblical tale of David and Goliath. This story is infused with humor and creativity, making the themes of courage and faith in God accessible and engaging for young audiences. Through its playful retelling, the film encourages viewers to recognize that even the smallest can make a big difference with God’s help.

  • Directors: Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki
  • Key Voice Actors: Phil Vischer (Dave / Goliath), Mike Nawrocki (Pa Grape), Lisa Vischer (Junior Asparagus)

10. Noah's Ark


Noah’s Ark (2007) is an animated gem among Christian animated movies, vividly bringing to life the biblical account of Noah’s unwavering faith and determination. This adaptation captures the essence of Noah’s obedience to God’s command to build an ark in preparation for the great flood. Through engaging animation and storytelling, the film highlights themes of trust, perseverance, and divine guidance, offering an inspiring message for viewers of all ages.

  • Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini
  • Key Voice Actors: The film utilizes a talented voice cast to bring the story of Noah and his journey to life, focusing on the narrative’s inspirational message.

The Impact of Christian Animated Movies

The 10 best christian animated movies you must watch - joseph king of dreams

Christian animated movies have emerged as a significant cultural and spiritual resource, providing a unique medium through which children and families can engage with Christian values and biblical narratives. These films serve not just as entertainment but as gateways to deeper understanding and reflection on faith-based principles. Let’s explore the impact these movies have on their audience and the importance of their dual role as educational and entertaining tools.

Gateway to Christian Values

Engaging Young Minds: Christian animated movies excel in presenting complex biblical stories and Christian values in a manner that is accessible to children. By wrapping these teachings in colorful, captivating narratives, these movies make spiritual lessons appealing and understandable to younger audiences, laying the groundwork for a deeper exploration of faith as they grow.

Family Bonding and Discussion: These films provide a shared experience for families, offering a springboard for discussions about faith, morality, and the stories’ applications in contemporary life. Watching and talking about these movies together can strengthen familial bonds and facilitate intergenerational conversations about Christian teachings.

Educational and Entertaining Format

Learning Through Storytelling: The use of animation to tell biblical stories brings these ancient narratives to life in a fresh and dynamic way. This format allows for creative expression and interpretation, making the lessons more memorable and impactful. By engaging viewers’ imaginations, Christian animated movies enhance the educational aspect of biblical stories, making learning about faith an enjoyable experience.

The Power of Visual Storytelling: Animation has the unique ability to transcend language and cultural barriers, making Christian animated movies a universal tool for spreading biblical teachings. The visual nature of these films, combined with music and humor, ensures that the message is not only received but retained, highlighting the importance of delivering content that entertains while it educates.

Christian animated movies play a crucial role in modern Christian education and spiritual development. They are invaluable resources for introducing children and families to the richness of biblical narratives and the core values of the Christian faith. By combining entertainment with education, these films ensure that the timeless lessons of the Bible continue to resonate with audiences around the world, fostering a sense of wonder, curiosity, and faith that can last a lifetime. As the popularity of Christian animated movies grows, so does their potential to inspire and teach viewers of all ages about the depth and breadth of Christian stories and principles.

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How Christian Animated Movies Can Help You and Your Kids Get Closer to God

The 10 best christian animated movies you must watch - the star animated movie

Christian animated movies play a pivotal role in faith education and spiritual growth, serving as both a bridge and a guide for children and their families on their journey towards a closer relationship with God. Through the art of storytelling, these movies can illuminate the teachings of Christianity in a manner that is engaging, memorable, and deeply impactful. Let’s delve into how these films can foster spiritual connection and provide valuable opportunities for families to discuss faith, morality, and the essence of Christian teachings.

Storytelling as a Tool for Spiritual Growth

Bringing Biblical Stories to Life: Christian animated movies breathe life into biblical narratives, transforming ancient texts into vivid, relatable stories. This visualization helps children and adults alike to better understand and connect with the characters and their journeys, making the moral and spiritual lessons more accessible and engaging.

Emotional and Spiritual Engagement: The storytelling in Christian animated movies often evokes a strong emotional response, which can be a powerful catalyst for spiritual reflection and growth. By witnessing the struggles, triumphs, and faith of biblical characters, viewers are encouraged to explore their own beliefs and relationship with God.

Conversation Starters for Families

Discussing Faith and Values: Watching Christian animated movies together provides an excellent opportunity for families to discuss the themes and lessons presented. Parents can use these stories as starting points for conversations about faith, explaining how the virtues depicted in the movies apply to real-life situations and personal beliefs.

Morality and Decision Making: Many Christian animated movies address moral dilemmas and choices, offering a platform for parents to talk with their children about right and wrong, and how to make decisions guided by Christian principles. These discussions can help children develop a moral compass aligned with their faith.

Deepening Understanding of Christianity: These movies often introduce viewers to fundamental Christian concepts and teachings, making them an ideal tool for parents wishing to deepen their children’s understanding of their faith. Questions raised by the movies can lead to valuable teaching moments, reinforcing the messages heard in church, school, or at home.

Integrating Movies into Spiritual Practice

Reflective Viewing: Encourage children to watch these movies with a reflective mindset, perhaps even pausing to discuss specific scenes or messages. This approach turns movie watching into an interactive and contemplative spiritual practice.

Prayer and Movie Nights: Combine viewing Christian animated movies with family prayer time, where prayers can specifically relate to the themes or characters of the movie watched. This can help children see the relevance of prayer and how it applies to the stories and lessons they’ve just engaged with.

Christian animated movies are much more than entertainment; they are a rich resource for spiritual education and growth. By actively engaging with these films, discussing their content, and reflecting on their messages, families can strengthen their faith, get closer to God, and foster a home environment where Christian values are lived and celebrated. Through the power of storytelling, these movies offer a unique and impactful way to explore and deepen one’s spiritual journey.

Additional Insights

The 10 best christian animated movies you must watch - Jonah A VeggieTales Movie

Christian animated movies not only provide wholesome entertainment but also serve as a rich resource for spiritual education and personal growth. These films, with their engaging narratives and visually appealing animation, have a unique way of bringing biblical stories and Christian teachings to life. Let’s explore some additional insights into the world of Christian animated movies, including a look behind the scenes and tips for selecting and discussing these films.

Behind the Scenes

Creative Process and Inspiration: The making of Christian animated movies is a labor of love and faith, often inspired by a desire to share biblical teachings in a relatable and engaging manner. Filmmakers and animators combine their artistic talents with deep respect for scripture to create stories that are both biblically accurate and creatively compelling. Interviews with creators often reveal their personal journeys of faith and how these journeys influence the storytelling, animation style, and character development in the movies.

Collaboration with Faith Communities: Many Christian animated movies are developed in consultation with pastors, theologians, and educators to ensure that the content is appropriate and enriching for audiences of all ages. This collaboration helps in crafting stories that are not only entertaining but also theologically sound and spiritually uplifting.

Viewer's Guide

Selecting Age-Appropriate Content: When choosing Christian animated movies for children, consider the age of the viewers and the themes of the movie. Look for films that balance entertainment with clear, positive messages of faith. Ratings and reviews from other parents or Christian organizations can be invaluable in selecting movies that are suitable for your family’s values and your children’s maturity levels.

Discussion Prompts: After watching a Christian animated movie, take the opportunity to discuss its themes and lessons with your kids. Ask open-ended questions like, “What did you learn about God from this movie?” or “How did the characters show faith and courage?” These discussions can deepen understanding and encourage children to reflect on how the teachings apply to their own lives.

Connecting Stories to Scripture: To further enrich the viewing experience, consider reading the biblical stories that inspired the movies. This can help children and adults alike see the source material in a new light and appreciate the depth and richness of the Bible’s teachings.

Christian animated movies offer much more than just entertainment; they are a gateway to exploring faith, morality, and the teachings of Christianity. By engaging with these films thoughtfully and using them as conversation starters, parents and children can grow closer to God and to each other, fostering a deeper understanding of their faith and how it applies to the world around them. With careful selection and reflective discussion, these movies can be a valuable tool in spiritual education and growth for families seeking to nurture their faith together.


Christian animated movies offer a unique blend of entertainment and education, serving as a vibrant medium through which families can explore and deepen their faith together. These films not only bring biblical stories to life with captivating visuals and narratives but also instill valuable lessons of courage, faith, and love. The power of storytelling, combined with the dynamic and accessible format of animation, makes these movies an ideal tool for families seeking to foster their spiritual growth and strengthen their bond.

The value of Christian animated movies extends beyond mere entertainment; they act as catalysts for meaningful conversations about faith, morality, and the teachings of Christianity. By presenting complex biblical themes in an engaging and relatable manner, these films encourage viewers of all ages to reflect on their beliefs and the application of Christian principles in their daily lives. They provide a shared experience that can bring families closer, not only to each other but to God as well.

As we conclude, I encourage readers to explore the world of Christian animated movies. Whether you’re looking for a way to introduce your children to the stories of the Bible, seeking a family-friendly movie night option, or simply interested in refreshing your own faith journey, these films offer something for everyone. By integrating these movies into your family routine, you open the door to a deeper understanding and connection to Christian teachings, enriching your family’s spiritual life and creating lasting memories together.

In a world where finding content that aligns with Christian values can be challenging, Christian animated movies stand out as beacons of light, offering stories of hope, redemption, and divine love that resonate with viewers young and old. Let these films be a part of your family’s journey toward a stronger faith and a closer relationship with God.

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